Clothing collocations fashion lifestyle If the top is plaid or stripe, then the skirt should not be the same, but should be a single color. On the other hand, if the skirt is flowered, then it should be matched with a plain shirt.
Colorful shirts should not be worn Corset tops coat. It would be much better if you just put the floral shirt outside. If it's a formal dress, it's best to have a light, plain shirt. A kind of color can show only one kind of style, the clever Cheap lingerie collocation of different color can change a thousand kinds of extraordinary style. Therefore, how to make the color of clothing clever collocation, to a person's image and temperament have Woman Clothing important influence. But the collocation is clever, also need to pay a lot of thought. A pale yellow blouse with stripes in white is the best combination of pastel colors. With ivory white trousers, a lavender suit Plus size lingerieand a pure white shirt, it is a successful color matching, which can fully display the personality of the person. Ivory white trousers and pale casual shirt
It's also a successful combination; White pleated Cheap sexy lingerie skirt matches light pink sweater, give a person with gentle and elegant feeling. Red and white collocation Plus size Halloween costumes bold combination. With a white casual shirt and a narrow red dress, she looks very enthusiastic. In contrast, the heavier the white weight, the softer it looks.

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